The original genuine home of the Xenon(s) gyroplanes

Raphael Celier, a Frenchman, has been active in aviation related companies since 1987.

As a true creator and designer in his field, he has dedicated more than two decades to aviation.

At the beginning of his aviation career, Raphael founded the Adventure Paramotors creating five new aeronautical designs, known as Grand Designs, which are recognised throughout the world.

Although this company, a pioneer in its field, was sold, it still exists today and has become a world leader in paramotors. Raphael moved on to  become the owner-funder of ABS AEROLIGHT and was involved in the construction of its products - airplanes, paramotors, para-trikes, gyroplanes and UAVs – for eighteen years. In mid 2006, the company was relocated to Poland adopting the new name: Celier Aviation.

On 12 December 2011, Raphael ended his cooperation with his associate but retained sole legal responsibility for the manufacture of all genuine Celier Aviation products.

All rights of the Xenons and its derivatives are reserved exclusively to Celier Aviation Sp z o. o. The company is now under a new management team composed of experts from the field with

a great passion for aeronautics and flying activities.


The original genuine home of the Xenon(s) gyroplanes

Since 2006 we are the manufacturers in Poland the world's best Gyrocopter - Xenon.

Gyrocopter looks like a small helicopter but the main difference is there is no engine turning the main rotor. The rotor simply self-propel (which we call "autorotate") due to the way that the air flows through them. It also does not have a tail rotor.
As the engine is not connected to the rotors, this means that a Gyrocopter is not seriously affected if the engine should stop in flight. This, together with a very short landing roll (we can land in a very small open space, about the size of a putting green), means that a Gyrocopter is one of the safest methods of flying.
Today, Gyrocopters are one or two- three seat aeroplanes whose maximum take-off weight does not exceed 560 kg. Modern Gyrocopters offer superb performance, comfort and above all have a safety record second to none in aviation. Flying Gyrocopters is challenging, exhilarating and brilliant fun.

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We are changing the way of offering services and  addressing problems by doing things differently because our aircraft and solutions enable our customers to save lives and preserve freedom.



We believe in our mission and are motivated to shape the future of aircraft, investing in our people and inspiring research and development. We change challenges into opportunities because in every problem lies a solution challenging opportunities around the world.




We live by actions and are there when people need us. We are actively making a difference in our industry, community and in people’s lives. Homeland Security and Rescue Oriented Services is our business.

Xenon Gyro is the best light aircraft machine:

- For Geodetic Engineering equiped with 3d scaning Lidar laser.
- For scanning of pipe lines and electrical lines. Gyro is equipped with classical camera, UV camera & recorder / transmission system.
- For agricultural use Xenon can be fitted with sprayer and carry a tank reservoire for the chemical dispersant.
- For operation on the water Xenon can make take off & landing when it is equipped with a floatation device.
- For Security, Police & Law Enforcement Agencies -Eyes in the sky are ideal for Law Enforcement Agencies. Utilising the Xenon, has proved to be the best option in the World for this kind of mission - with additional sensors the Law Enforcement Agencies will have a cutting edge superiority to the rest.
- For other Services -Xenon is the only machine that has been configured to carry a larger payload. Its flying capabilities have proved to be superior to any other competitor. The sky is the limit to your immagination of what uses you can have with such a machine.

This is a time and money machine saver!

Job Opportunities - Vacancies at Celier Aviation
Vacancy CaHr/006/05122013 - Executive Secretary
Celier Aviation is looking for a dynamic Executive Secretary. The ideal candidate must have a university graduate level with knowledge of English, Polish and another European Language possibly German. 
This secretary is responsible for providing secretarial, clerical and administrative support in order to ensure that Celier Aviation Office runs in an effective and efficient manner.
The Executive Secretary reports to the CEO.
To provide office support services in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness within the Celier Aviation Administration Office.
Main Activities:
Organize the CEO’s diary of appointments and schedules
Organize CEO travel overseas
Receive, direct and relay telephone messages and fax messages
Direct the client to the appropriate staff member
Maintain the general filing system and file all correspondence
Assist in the planning and preparation of meetings, conferences 
Assist in conference telephone calls
Make preparations for Celier Aviation
Maintain an adequate inventory of office supplies
Respond to client inquiries
Provide word-processing and secretarial support
Type confidential documents on a word processing system

Apply for this post by sending your CV in English with the title and job reference to alexander.dalli@celieraviation.pl

Only the selected candidate will be informed of the decision.mailto:alexander.dalli@celieraviation.plhttp://gyroplanes.pl/Home/Entries/2013/7/18_Job_Opportunities_-_Vacancies_at_Celier_Aviation.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0
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